Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jamie Day Bartender Arrested

Found this article interesting.

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Meet Jamie Day, the Alton Illinois bartender arrested for indecent exposure. She was serving drinks in the nude, thus exposing the naked truth behind Barack Obama’s new method of sharing the wealth. See her photos, brief biography and a tasteful video about hot bartenders.

Jamie Day
Oh yes indeed she got a lot of tips from those wealth-sharing customers in the “Pub Room” bar in Alton. So many tips that the customers began to complain that the socialist program was breaking their wallets. Someone called the police and had the nude bartender, Ms. Day arrested for indecent wealth sharing. Rumor is Joe the Plumber made the call. He has been a little down on his luck lately, unable to buy a bartending business making less than $250,000 per year.

Someone called police to complain about “partially naked women” at the business. According to an Alton police report, one of the employees was wearing only a thin, black G-string and black boots; a second employee was working partially clothed in a transparent red, lingerie top, Santa Claus hat, thin G-string underwear, white high-heeled shoes, thigh-high stockings, and her top was open, exposing her breasts.

This is not the first time for the swinging Alton bar. Just back in 2005, two more bartenders and a customer (not our friend Joe) were arrested for public indecency. In that incident the Pub Room liquor license was reportedly suspended for 30 days and fined a wealth-sharing $500.00.

As a biography, Ms. Day is 24 years old. Anything else you know about her please comment for the voyeurs who look forward to sharing wealth for the next 4 years.

See the video below for much more about what bartender Jamie Day was up to, if you dare.